Game Report
Date: 06 Apr 2013
Home: Belgrade Vukovi - 41
Away: Kragujevac Wild Boars - 14

The SBB Vukovi Belgrade lost last year's CEFL Bowl, marking the first time they lost at the Ada Ciganlija field in Belgrade. Obviously, they didn't want to lose again, especially not against one of their fiercest competitors. They accomplished just that, winning 41-14 in what was basically a no-contest throughout the game.

Their opponent, the PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars, came to Belgrade after a huge win in their season opener. The two games couldn't have been much different in the end. Already down 20-0, the Boars lost their quarterback Stan Bedwell – who just two weeks ago passed for six touchdowns in three quarters – to injury in the second quarter. It was at that point already clear it would be an unlikely win for the visiting team.

Lance Kriesien and Tony Washington hooked up for the first of their two touchdowns to open the scoring. Kriesien then found Vojin Milic, who fumbled the ball, but it was just that type of a game for the home team. The ball was recovered by Marko Maric, leading to a touchdown and 14-0. Mihailo Josovic ran in for his first touchdown and Washington put the score at 27-0 at the halftime break.

The Boars' young backup quarterback, Stefan Stefanovic, filled in adequatly for the injured Bedwell, passing for two scores in the end. He interrupted the Vukovi's total domination with a pass to Henry McVay. But despite finding McVay for another touchdown it was not enough, as Josovic added two more rushing touchdowns for the final score of 41-14. The fourth quarter remained scoreless.

In what will probably be a very interesting season, the Vukovi took first place in the standings for now. The Wild Boars won by 27 points in Budapest, and then lost by 27.

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