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FILM GAME (29 Mar 2014): Torun Angels vs Bialystok Lowlanders (highlights).

Torun Angels lost to Div-1 Bialystok Lowlanders on Saturday, March 29 exhibition game of american football in Torun, Poland.

On March 21 Angels train with the Szczecin Husaria, Div-1 Polish League of American Football champions. It was the first test in preparation for the U.S. coach Bill Moore. It was not full of game, the meeting was the opportunity to test the solutions on the offensive and defensive.

Angels-Lowlanders game took place in full time with officials. Team from Podlasie had two Poland National Team players- Damian Kolpak and Tomasz Zubrycki. In addition, the team had two U.S. players: running back Michael Campana, and quarterback Robert Borcky.

The game started at 2:00PM, the weather in Torun was excellent. In the first half Lowlanders scored 4 touchdowns: Joachim Dykalowicz 70 yd. pass from Robert Borcky, Michael Campana 3 yd. run, in second quarter Robert Borcky 60 yd. run, and Damian Kolpak 3 yd. run set score after half at 0:24.

- "In a game like that the negatives start with me and end with me. Yes, we made some mistakes in execution and techniques, but the in the first half I didn't make any adjustments and let things happen as planned to see how we would respond. Because it was a friendly, I made that decision early in the 1st quarter, and stayed with it. When we went in at halftime I changed up what we were doing on defense and offense. That is what is good about a friendly because you can wait until halftime to make those changes. Had Saturday been a league game, I would have changed a lot of things and a helluva a lot earlier than halftime"- said Bill Moore, Angels U.S. head coach.

The third quarter by Angels looked better, but still it Lowlanders points Robert Borcky 30 yd. run (Artur Zalewski extra point kick).

-"Game is good example of a a high level D-1 team that is been playing since 2008 and with their American Import players on the field, vs. a good D-2 team. They just had more bullets in their guns than we had so the score reflected it. I would not be the least bit surprised if Bialystock wins the D-1 crown this year and is playing in the Topliga next year. Their QB who spent 3 seasons at Colorado State, a well known and high level D-1 University was the fastest guy on the field and their running back , who came out the California Junior College system at Saddleback, were very impressive. They are as large and as strong as any team in GFL that I saw last year while in Germany and that includes Braunschwieg and Rhine Nekar, who were both GFL playoff teams last year"- compliments rivals coach Moore.

Bialystok scored another touchdown by Kamil Sznurkowski 30 yd. run, but on conversion Torun show great football. Angels block kick, and after whole field run Patryk Debowski score 2-point defensive conversion. The score was 2:37. The last quarter was won by Angels by touchdown Jakub Mazan 30 yd. pass from Lukasz Kusmirek. The final score is 8:37 for Lowlanders.

- "We are very pleased with game against Angels, it is second year in row we are coming to Torun. Angels provided us with good introduction to Div-1 season. We reviewed the new players, especially our U.S. players which is our ofensvie based. We need to work on special teams. Angels for fighting to the end. With pleasure we go to Torun, we hope that next year we will meet at the game Topliga Lowlanders against Div-1 Angels. Maybe we can come more often and for longer, because Torun is a beautiful city" - said Rafal Bierc, Lowlanders Bialystok.

- "First and foremost our special teams did a very nice piece of work on Saturday. We returned the ball on kickoffs for over 110 yards on 5 kickoffs, had a blocked extra point that we returned for a score, and other than one blocked punt on which a penalty against Bialystock was called, we punted and covered very well and Bialystock didn't return one punt. Our kickoff team covered well and The Lowlanders didn't get the big yards on kickoffs that we were getting. Big passing plays were a nice surprise for me. I knew that we had speed at receiver and that our QB can air it out, and we hit some big balls deep in the second half. Most importantly, we never quit and we hit and played very hard against a strong D-1 team. It was 25-0 at half and the game could have gotten way out of hand but we never quit and the final was 36-8. We showed a lot of heart and I am very proud of the effort that the Angels gave on Saturday"- ends Moore.

exhibition game, Saturday, March 29 2014, 2:00PM, Torun, Poland
Angels Torun- Lowlanders Bialystok 8:37 (0:12, 0:12, 2:13, 6:0)
1st quarter
0:6 TD Joachim Dykalowicz 70 yd. pass from Robert Borcky
0:12 TD Michael Campana 3 yd. run
2nd quarter
0:18 TD Robert Borcky 60 yd. run
0:24 TD Damian Kolpak 3 yd. run
3rd quarter
0:31 TD Robert Borcky 30 yd. run (Artur Zalewski kick)
0:37 TD Kamil Sznurkowski 30 yd. run
2:37 defensive conversion Patryk Debowski 95 yd. run
4th quarter
8:37 TD Jakub Mazan 30 yd. pass from Lukasz Kusmirek