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Verify your stats with EUROstopwatch!

Prove to the teams in Europe that your times and stats are official!

With now almost 20,000 members registered on Europlayers, teams tell us that it’s getting more difficult and time consuming to find the right players. One thing they’ve been asking us to do is to verify and validate the stats players publish on their profile.

So we’ve partnered with EUROstopwatch to launch a series of combines where players can come to be evaluated and professionally filmed. Players will be tested on Bench Press, 10/20/40 Yard Dash, 3 Cone Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, NFL Shuttle and Position Drills. Their stats and film will then be published on their profile on Europlayers so teams will know that the stats have been verified.

Being evaluated is only the first step of the recruitment process: players will still need to be proactive and contact European teams. To help with this, every player who attends a combine gets a 1-month complementary Premium membership giving him full access to Europlayers.

The one-day combines will be held in seven cities throughout the USA, so you may not even have to travel. We’ve got room for just 100 players in each city:

*August 26 => Chicago (IL)
*September 9 => Brooklyn (NY)
*September 16 => Atlanta (GA)
*September 30 => Houston (TX)
*October 7 => Bedford (TX)
*October 21 => Los Angeles (CA)
*October 28 => Portland (OR)

To ensure that the athletes are being measured consistently and accurately, the combines are filmed by professionals, timed with the same equipment used at the 2011 and 2012 NFL combines.

Organizing these combines can be really expensive. That’s why typical combines can cost up to $350, plus travel, hotel, and $73 for the Internet access in your hotel room. We got together with EUROstopwatch and tried to figure out how little we could possibly charge for this thing. The answer: $95 per attendee!

That’s it. These one-day combines are just $95.

Don’t miss your chance and register now:

We expect all seven combines to sell out quickly.
Posted by Clayton Banner 5 years ago
Great guys get the true stats that we need, the teams need to know who you are and that your stats are real!