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GFL Review.

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After a short break, the GFL resumed this week with games in both halves of the country.


There was only one game played in the North this week and for home fans at the Buniamshof stadium, it proved rather tough viewing. In the battle of the GFL new boys, the Cougars received a 7-42 thrashing from the visiting Berlin Rebels. While eight different players carried the ball for a combined 280 yards for the Rebels, the Cougars' backfield only managed to find 93 yards on 16 carries. The Cougars' woes continued in the air as they managed only 125 yards compared to Berlin's 229. Quarterbacking duo Darius Outlaw and Brian Amaral both threw touchdown passes as the scoreboard kept ticking over.

The loss further deepens the Cougars' troubles as they head towards a key clash with the Hamburg Blue Devils at the end of the season. The Rebels, meanwhile climb the table and will now look to make their assault on the top four.


There is hope yet for Wiesbaden. Their dramatic 21-15 victory over the Stuttgart Scorpions on Saturday has given them some breathing space ahead of the hapless Munich Cowboys. Despite trailing early on, the Phantoms were able to position themselves to snatch victory as time expired.

With quarterback Thomas Schneider unavailable, the Scorpions were forced to play running back Thomas Metzger under centre. The replacement led an effective rushing attack with 134 yards on 29 carries, but struggled to produce a passing game that would open up the Phantoms. Wiesbaden's offence was similarly run-heavy, with the majority of the load falling on Randall Payne, who carried the ball 16 times for 139 yards and a touchdown.

With only two seconds remaining in the game and the scores tied at 15-15, the Scorpions were attempting to run the ball from their own 21 yard line. Phantoms' lineman Thomas Mansour tackled Metzger in the backfield forcing him to fumble the ball. Milan Misic was the first to react, scooping up the ball and carrying it twelve yards into the endzone with time having expired.

The victory means that Munich are looking strong favourites to face relegation, whilst the Phantoms may have earned themselves another year at the top table.

Rhein-Neckar Bandits continued their march towards the playoffs with a solid victory over the Cowboys, outscoring them 22-39 in Munich. Running back Sean Cooper carried the ball 96 yards to complement a powerful passing attack led by Marco Ehrenfried. The German quarterback threw for 265 yards and 4 touchdowns, outgunning his opponent for Munich, who threw three of his own.

The Bandits are now up to second place, just one win behind the high flying Schwabisch Hall Unicorns, whom they face early in September. That game may well decide who will take the top seed going into the playoffs.

In the final game this week, Marburg Mercenaries picked up an important road win against Saarland Hurricanes to catapult themselves into third place. The 21-28 score line leaves the Hurricanes within striking distance of the Phantoms, who will fancy themselves when the teams meet in two weeks time.

Author: Ric Hennessy