Advertise on Europlayers

Description: A banner advert gives you a premium presence on Europlayers. It helps you drive traffic to your web site and promote your business. Our low-cost, highly targeted classified advertising is ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Location: Your banner will appear at the top and bottom of every page of Banners rotate every time the viewer refreshes the page. Visitors who click your banner are taken directly to your website.

A special 'Advertiser Center' account is available to all advertisers. With this account you can track all your banner statistics. These statistics will help you analyze your banner performance and thus help you optimize your advertising strategies.

Banner sizes:

banner example

banner example

Cost: our CPM is only US$0.35! This means that it costs only US$0.35 to show your banner 1,000 times on Europlayers.

-CPM: cost per thousand impressions.
-Impression: a single appearance of a banner on a web page.

Section targeting: Banners can be confined to one sport (e.g. Basketball or American Football or Ice Hockey etc) or all sports.

How to get started? Send an email to with:
  • your banner advert as an attachment:
    • Format: JPG or GIF (animated accepted).
    • Size: 50 kilobytes maximum.
  • the exact URL (or web address) that you wish the banner to link to (i.e. where visitors will be redirected when they click your banner). It should be something like this:
  • your section targeting (optional): banners can be confined to one sport (e.g. Basketball).
Once we have received your email, we will confirm that everything is ok. We will then ask for your payment. All advertising fees are paid in advance through PayPal or by credit/debit card.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!