Game Report
Date: 02 Jun 2012
Home: Zagreb Patriots - 27
Away: Cineplexx Blue Devils - 28

Although the Zagreb Patriots only had a slim chance of making the playoffs and doing something there in case they made it, they still hoped. Hoped to get their historic first win in the CEFL. It was however not to be, as the Cineplexx Blue Devils won by a point 27-28, after scoring a touchdown and converting for two points late in the game.

The scored stayed close throughout the game, with both teams scoring consecutive touchdowns to take the lead. Chris Blunton scored on a 20 yard run to give the home team the lead. Mitchell Niekamp, the Blue Devils' quarterback, passed for two scores to Andrew Blakle and Vincent Müller and a 14-7 lead.

It was 14-14 at halftime, after Marko Horvat passed to Ivan Klaric for a score.

These two hooked up again in the third to give the Patriots a 21-14 lead. And although the Blue Devils also scored, the Patriots stayed in front thanks to a missed extra point attempt.

They failed to capitalize on this and it might have cost them the win. Blunton scored his second touchdown, but his team also missed the extra point, leaving the score at 27-20.

A long touchdown drive resulted in a touchdown for the Blue Devils and they decided to go for the win. It would not be the first time, since they did the same in Belgrade three years ago in overtime. This time though, they succeeded, giving them a one point lead.

With the score, the Patriots are officially out of the playoffs and the playoff picture is complete. There are three more games left to be played in the regular season. The playoffs start in July.

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