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The Dream: From Spain to USA!

Mario Marset-Ehrle started playing football one evening in early September 2010 at age 12 in his hometown in Spain for the Sevilla Linces. There he learned a thing or two about toughness as they didn't have an underage team. Each practice session was a game for the young 160 pounder as he had to face full grown men in Oklahoma drills for over two hours. During his first three seasons he built a strong basis in various positions.

3rd from the right wearing #50 with the Linces from Sevilla

In Year 10 (at school) he was offered a full academic scholarship from a private boarding school in England, UK if he would get an average of an A grade, which he comfortably managed. After accepting this offer he had to find a new football team up north before starting his next year. He contacted the National British Football association asking which team would be the closest to his school in Cranleigh. From then on Mario joined the Farnham Knights and played for the U17 team in the first year and both U17 and U19 in his second moving through several positions like TE, LB and Line usually excelling in size and strength. His highlights with the "Mighty Knights" were never to be beaten at home and ending 2nd of Great Britain with their U19 squad.

#53 with the big grill facemask with the “Mighty Knights” defending the fortress

In parallel to this, Mario managed to play with the Spanish National senior team at only 16 years of age as a Defensive Tackle after moving up from U17 and U19 to play vs Portugal in Granada at the end of his summer training camp.

#95 on the far left with the Spanish National D-Line

This helped him get noticed by recruiters and that Christmas he got selected for the IFAF World U19 team to play in January vs USA in the Dallas Cowboys stadium. He even had a security guard in the stadium guide him to a coach in the stands who drove down from Philadelphia to Arlington, TX only to recruit him.

Mario forcing a fumble at the World team training in Texas

The Dream of Mario is being the first Spaniard to play D1 football and in his senior year he was indeed getting recruited by a handful of D1 programs but no scholarships yet. That made him decide to do a Post Graduate year before college in order to get better exposure and finally attain that college scholarship. After receiving football scholarships from 6 high schools he decided to go to Western Reserve Academy in Ohio for the high quality of academics they offer and the great coaching he will get from HC Hildebrand. Now he is working out all day until he leaves in a month's time for his preseason with the Pioneers in Hudson USA.

Picture of his custom made jersey for Ohio