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You may have received a message on Facebook (or by email or by text message) from someone making a "hard to believe" offer to play in Spain or other European countries.

In return he is asking athletes to send some money through Money Gram, Western Union or equivalent for "insurance" or "administrative fees".


This person is using every means possible to steal your money and your identity!!! He offers an unbelievable deal such as $5,000 a month. He asks for a few hundred dollars up front and a copy of your visa or passport. He has even designed a contract that looks legitimate.

He has scammed coaches and players alike. He does not own teams anywhere. Please let us know immediately. We have blocked him numerous times on Europlayers so now he is finding different ways to get to you.

Coaches please also beware. He is using several different identities to have you contact the players. Please do your homework. Get in touch with Europlayers to verify the existence of teams and leagues before you do anything.

Remember, you never have to send money in advance to be signed with a team (even if they say it's to pay for administrative fees, visas, etc). He is lying to you. He is stealing your money and stealing your identity.

More recently he has asked some players to pay for their flight to Europe telling them they would be reimbursed on arrival. The trick is that the tickets have to be bought through his "agent". Of course if the player sends some money to the agent, he will never hear back from them!

Remember, there is absolutely no truth to anything he says. We have sent out warnings to our members before, but he is relentless and has actually threatened us for blocking him.

Be vigilant!! If an offer seems way too good to be true, trust your instincts. It is not legitimate. If you have a doubt about a team, please contact us and we will confirm if the team is legit or not.

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Posted by Delvin Welch 4 years ago
Wow that's crazy. I'm really looking for a place to play and I was so close to paying that money because I thought this was a chance of a life time. I'm glad I Google this because he would have hit me for alot. Thank you
Posted by Europlayers 4 years ago
Hi Delvin, you should simply ignore him. He's only interested in money. If you ignore him he will simply go away.
Posted by Delvin Welch 4 years ago
This just happened to me. I haven't sent anything but my information and highlights. What should I do?
Posted by Delvin Welch 4 years ago
This just happened to me. I haven't sent anything but my information and highlights. What should I do?
Posted by Jerome Samuels 4 years ago
The same with me. Timor brick. He gave the "coach""" my number. The team was based in Spain, which I liked because I speak Portuguese, but for sum reason the coach sounded nothing like a Portuguese man, he also couldn't give me any info about the team. Mathew Boulger<<<< was the person who sent Timor my info
Posted by Kevin Alinyo 4 years ago
I received a text message from a person named Timor Brik phone #(540-431-2264) telling me he got me a tryout w/ Badalona Dracs. This is what the email consisted of:


Good that the club in Spain just accept to let you come over also for the tryout. well you are not the only player that is going, both you and one other of my new Player that just complete is dues and they will send him all the needed document and paper as they promise, these are the needed information below and you have to provide them as soon as possible, and the name of the Club is Badalona Dracs Team in Spain.

And doing the tryout period they have agree to pay you 4000 euros every week.

So they ask for all these information from you and all you have to do now is to send all these information so as to forward it to the Club in time.

Hello Mr Timor Brik,

We want you to know that we expect to let him come and show is quality before we can sign him, and before we can proceed we need all these information for is Medicals which will send to the insurance company.

Mr Timor Brik you know the rules of the game he must send all these information to us. so will can forward it to our Insurance company and the name of the insurance company is Uni-care insurance company is a well know company all over the world that why we refer that company.

Information Needed:

Full Name:......................... ..

Contact Address:.................

City:......................... ..........

State:........................ .........

Zip code:......................... ....

Country:...................... ........

Age:.......................... .........

Contact number or phone number:......

E-mail:....................... .......

These Players must hold a valid national passport or international
Passport; the passport must be valid for a minimum of three months.

Scanned copies of international passport or national I.D Card data
page and passport photograph should be scanned and sent through Email attachment

These will be forwarded to the insurance Company for processing before you will be call for your trails. we use a reg Insurance Company in the United State for these.

And He should be aware that the insurance company will send him a mail as soon as is information is been send to them,and also there is a charges attach with the Insurance Medicals form,but due to the fact that we want him to get ready in time. The Management have Agree to Help Him Pay Half Of the Insurance Medicals Form which will be Issue to him by the Insurance Company. The full Amount of the Form is 1,100euros. But is to pay 550 euros and we help Him pay the remaining 550euros.

And as soon as you send your information to Us.will forward it to the insurance company and the insurance company will contact Him back on a form that he will fill and send back to them so they can stamp on it and the insurance company will send to us as a prove to the club. because these will prove he has an agreement and medically Fit and Ready to come for the tryout in Spain and will book an accommodation for him over Here in Spain and will also book flight ticket for him.but first Will need to get the stamp form Insurance before will can do that.

And doing these Tryout Period The Management of the club have Agree to pay him 4000 euros every week.

Head Coach Mr Óscar Calatayud
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