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International School of American Football next summer in France!

From June 27th to July 1st 2016, the 3rd edition of the "International School of American Football" known in French as the EIFA, will take place in Villepinte (93) France for its 3rd edition.

The team hosting the event for the third time is the Diables Rouges from Villepinte. The 2016 edition will take place on the new artificial turf which got inaugurated on October 12th.

I am truly pleased to be back in Villepinte for a 3rd time. Team president's Franck Lacuisse and his staff are so great. They make it real easy to make everything happen. The participants will have a wonderful experience", says Coach Frank Chagnon, the founder and Head Football Coach for the EIFA.

The focus of the ISAF/EIFA is on the technique. For five consecutive days, in a 2 a day setup, participants will work with coaches on techniques related to their specific position. Every day, the day's practice will be review on film and a conference will take place. The 2016 coaching staff will a mix of local coaches, to be announced at a later date and Canadian (CIS) and American (NCAA) coaches.

Confirmed coaches are:
- Coach Jared Ambrose from Towson University, NCAA-FCS. He will be the acting OC and QB Coach.
- Coach Joe Tricario also from Towson University, NCAA-FCS. He will be the Special Teams Coordinator and DB Coach.

The EIFA has struck a partnership with the hotel chain "Première Classe" located a mere 20 meters from
the football field. To benefit of the special rate, you must contact the Diables Rouges. They will help you with the reservations.

We invite you to visit our website at to learn more about the event.

ISAF/EIFA was founded in 2010 and it is dedicated to the development and the improvement of football players in Europe.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Frank Chagnon
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