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5 Recruiting Tips!

Recruiting season is all year long in the international football community. With the sport being played all over the world, there is always an opportunity to find a team. With that being said, the recruiting process can be similar to Tinder for Football. Sometimes you swipe right based on what you think is a match, just to find out they were not what you expected. Instead of treating the recruiting process like a dating app, I suggest the school approach, and advise you to do your homework! Here are 5 tips that can make the recruiting process easier for all parties involved.


There are hundreds of teams looking for good football players, and THOUSANDS of players who want to be on those teams. Similar to how teams have a recruiting plan, so must a player. Where would you like to play? How much are you wanting/willing to accept as compensation? How long will you be living in a foreign country? These are questions you should know the answers to before you enter the recruiting process.

Being an import coach is a very unique situation. Same as with teams and players, a coach must have a plan. Location, compensation, length of stay, organizational resources, team structure, and personnel are a few of the things that need to be considered before starting the recruiting process.


How can a player perform at the highest level, if he is constantly in the recruiting process? It is not the most ideal situation, but players must have time periods set for recruiting as well. Before a contract is signed, it is a full-time process. Once a contract is signed, a player must commit to his team, and plan accordingly to have the next recruiting process start at a specified time. That time can vary depending on the player. But, it is seen as disrespectful to be in the middle of a season, yet in the recruiting process with other teams.

Coaches should follow the same model as players, in regards to time management during the recruiting process. It is not against any rules to look for your next job while with a team, but try to keep it classy.


Players & Coaches
Do you know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland? If not, maybe figure that out before entering negotiations with a team from either country. A solid background check can help you find the best situation for you. The internet is a great resource for information, so please use it liberally. The internet is also full of hogwash and oversaturated inaccurate stereotypes, so don’t rely on it as your only source of information. The original source is always the best source. Make sure to speak to players, coaches, and team members about all things you deem important to your decision. Also, be sure to speak to former players, coaches, and opponents as well. You will get two sides to the story, and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. With this type of information, you can make an informed decision.


Players & Coaches
If you have reached the negotiations stage with a team, DO NOT actively seek other options. Using the negation period as leverage is insincere, and disrespectful to the process. If you are in negotiations with a team, complete the process before looking for another suitor. If a team can’t offer you the terms you want, let them know the negotiation process is over, and you will be looking into alternative options. At that point, the process is over, and there is no issue with talking to other teams.


Players & Coaches
Lock it up! Once you and the team agree to terms, ask for a written or verbal commitment asap. After that, request the agreed upon contract be sent by a certain date, to ensure the team doesn’t drag its feet during the process. If you are offered a contract by another team, disclose that information to the agreed team. Transparency will allow you and the team to decide if you want to honor your original agreement, or revisit the negotiations process to compete with the new offer. No matter the decision, open and honest communication will be appreciated by all parties involved.

I hope these tips are helpful during your next recruiting season. The recruiting process is fun and exciting for most people, but don't forget to Do Your Homework!

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