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"My Greatest Moment in Sport" by Jason Selormey!

In this series, we will be asking professional athletes from various sports one simple question: what do you consider the greatest moment of your career?

In the sixth edition of this series, American Football player Jason Selormey joins us to share his answer.

I've been fortunate enough to play with some great players in my ten years of playing football. In my first year of organised football, I won a national championship with the London Blitz Flag Football team at just 15 years old. Moving straight up to U19, I won 2 championships in 3 years. I then went on to play for the London Blitz and appear in 2 straight national championship games, losing both.

As I am writing this, I play for the Dresden Monarchs in the GFL 1, and I am currently 5-1 (and a little sore) on the season, hoping to push for a championship. So, it's fair to say that I have won my fair share of games and played on some terrific teams with some great players. But my best football moment did not come whilst playing for the great London Blitz or the historically dominant Dresden Monarchs (at least so far). Instead, it came on a place far removed from fans, prestige and pressure. My best football moment happened whilst playing for the University of Portsmouth Destroyers. Allow me to explain.

In 2015, I had my reservations about university football in the UK. Just the year before, I spoke to coaches in America about playing over there but ultimately decided it was best for me to stay due to some personal issues. I had spoken to Coach Alex (our HC) about possibly playing, but my mind was still undecided. Ultimately, I asked my good friend Naz, who played for the team and gave pretty good reviews, so I decided to watch. What I saw changed my perception completely. Guys were flying around, being physical and playing solid football. I bought in immediately.

The goal that Coach Alex and Coach Jay (our DC, one of the smartest I have ever had) had set out was to go 8-0, earn promotion and get out of division 2. We went 7-1, won our division and ended up earning promotion behind a defence that only gave up an average of 3 points a game. But there was still a championship game to play for, and in true Britball fashion, it didn’t have a venue, so that game was moved to our home pitch. We played the University of Oxford Lancers (yes, that Oxford), and they had an American QB, WR and RB/LB. They were the best team we played that year. Although we did not need the championship, we wanted it. The team had not won a championship since 2011, were determined to remedy that.

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