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"My Greatest Moment in Sport" by Keanu Ebanks!

In this series, we will be asking professional athletes from various sports one simple question: what do you consider the greatest moment of your career?

In this article, American Football player Keanu Ebanks joins us to share his answer.

It's not the easiest question to answer if I'm being honest; there was the blocked Field goal in 2014 against Leeds Beckitt University, which won us the game in the dying seconds. There was that game in 18 against Kiel," 19 Speed Option" was the play-call, walkoff touchdown to secure our place in the GFL Bundesliga for one more year. Even the first game of the ELF season, the Field Goal winner by Phillip Andersen to beat Frankfurt with 4 seconds left on the clock is up there. I also would be remiss to not mention the invites to both the NFL International and CFL Global combines. Both were huge individual accomplishments and something extremely proud of.

However, my greatest moment in sport was with the Hildesheim Invaders in 2019, Dresden at home in the Invaders Stadium, the date was June 6th. The Dresden Monarchs have been a perennial powerhouse in the GFL 1 since the early 2000s, often reaching the playoffs but never quite getting the job done. Hildesheim, on the other hand, had only recently been promoted to the top division and were seen as the whipping boys of the top league throughout their stay. 2019 was a little different however, Hildesheim had amassed some of the most talented players Europe had to offer and were determined to change their fate.

A little more background, at this point in the season, we are the highest-scoring offence in the league, averaging something stupid like 45ppg with over 400 yards of offence per game. In the first half of the Dresden game, you would not think this. We can't do anything on offence, 3 and out after 3 and out, turnovers, tackles for loss, you name the offensive inadequacy, and that was us. We manage to eke out a touchdown in the 2nd quarter but go into half down 20:7.

We leave the field and gather as a team behind the field, in the usual spot in a child play area. I go to the bathroom and overhear some Dresden player talking, "How are we going to party on the bus back?" "What have you got to drink?" "Let's finish this game quick so we can go home". Now I'm fully aware that trash talk goes on in American Football, if anything, I welcome it! But hearing such a lack of respect for my teammates and coaching staff was the spark that lit the fire under me. I relayed what I heard back to the team, and after some halftime speeches, we were ready to go.