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Looking for an opportunity to earn a Master's degree overseas?

If you are looking for an opportunity to play overseas and/or earn a Master's degree, then look
no further.

The Guimond Vukovic Group is an education consultancy that specializes in helping athletes and student-athletes leverage their sporting talents to advance their opportunities on and off the field. Some major points to understand about our services:
  • We work with schools in the U.K., you must do a Master’s to play in the U.K.
  • If you have played pro, semi-pro or exhausted your eligibility it doesn’t matter we can still help you because the eligibility rules are different in the U.K.
  • You must have already earned your bachelors degree to qualify, we have a very niche offering and cannot help everyone unfortunately.
  • Master’s degrees in the U.K. take one year to complete. Our services are entirely free, you would only pay for your school and living expenses.
  • Tuition will cost between $15-25k. That figure includes scholarship. Additional expenses would be housing and living expenses, total expenditure would be 25-40k depending on the school
  • Many students rely on FAFSA or national or provincial student aid/finance for financial
Although we are open to having conversations with anyone, we usually work with 3 types of athletes:
  • Student-athletes who are looking to pursue higher education and have exhausted their eligibility or only have one year of eligibility remaining
  • Professional or semi-pro athletes who want to pursue higher education opportunities
  • Athletes who are aiming to play professionally but need another opportunity to play, get footage and stats, etc.
If you fit any of the above prototypes of players please visit our website to sign up if you want to have a free consultation. We are eager to help support student-athletes and athletes in their exploits overseas, we’re all in this together and we are dedicated to help support athletes in advancing their dreams on and off the field.