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"How to sign with a European team?" by former NFL receiver Tony Simmons.

I have been asked a lot about how to contact teams on Initially I thought everyone knew but I realized that with so many new players coming on the site and just looking around I could help them get in contact with the teams using the systematic approach that I use.

1. You have to know what you want and where you would like to play but PLEASE be versatile! If you have your heart set on going to France but the teams don't need your services do not give up! Other teams would love your help to develop and win championships in their country. Be VERSATILE and understand that we don't all get our dream destination.

2. Remember that if you are traveling abroad, you have to have a passport. You can not leave the USA without one. It is a time factor as well. You can get beat out of a job because you are not Passport ready. My advice: apply for a passport NOW. It is usually valid for 10 years.

3. Not every team on Europlayers can pay you. Some teams are new and others are established. So do not expect a team to pay you some outstanding salary to play and/or coach there. Understand they are learning American football and we are the ambassadors of the game and have to represent it fairly as well. A good start off salary is 500 – 1000 Euros. This is a range and it is negotiable. Some teams will pay more and other will pay less. I say everything is NEGOTIABLE. So come to the table with a plan.

Note: most teams take care of return flights, accommodations, meals, health insurance, gym memberships, etc. so you are there for an experience to hone your skills as a player and/or coach.

4. is a website full of good football players, some young and others older (like myself) moving on. There is competition out there for the best players so make sure you complete your profile properly: have photographs and film to view on the site. It helps the teams evaluate your skills as a player and/or coach. Highlight films are great. Have a good bio about yourself so the team can grasp your personality and you as a person.

5. If you do not get a response from a team right away, do not get upset. They are evaluating hundreds of players and setting up sponsorships and getting budgets together for the new season. This is not a football program like the one you came from where everything was organized. They need help sometimes. Usually they have a board of 2 -3 people who enjoy this game as we do. So stay on them and/or move to the next team.

6. Enjoy the process. Most players do not get to extend their careers after college, Arena, CFL, and even the NFL. This is your opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime and to tell your friends and family about your adventures. Remember: football is an international sport so spread the love of your passion to others. Everyone will not get a chance to play in Europe but keep trying because this is football and people get injured. Be prepared to play so train hard as if you are training for your teams at home once you leave things are different so get used to it.

7. How to contact teams? I believe in looking for the team that needs my position first. So use the advanced search of the site and click the drop down menu to your position. If you wish to go to a certain country this is your chance. I first contact the teams I am interested in according to my wants and needs.

8. Be polite and patient. Keep in mind that English is NOT their native language (except in the UK of course), so talk in concise and complete sentences. I know as Americans we believe everyone should speak like us but that is not the fact.

9. After going through the list of every team that needs my position, I then do the process over again with my secondary and third positions. Remember you may play every position on the field but be honest with yourself as to which positions you are best at.

10. Some teams do not know what they want yet. So I approach those teams and offer my services as a player and/or coach to the team. Now, they know I am interested and I have come with a helping hand. Sometimes it is reciprocated with an offer and sometimes it is not. Remember they did not know what they wanted so after some time you might be exactly what they were looking for as a player.


I have written this article to help those who are new and have not had success with contacting teams on Europlayers. I do not have a problem helping my competition on this site. I love the game too much to be selfish. So help one another. If a team you have spoken to needs a certain player and you know of someone who has those talents, pass the name along. I guarantee that helping hand will come back to you!

Looking for a team is work and you have to spend time on the site. Be proactive! With dedication and determination you will get a chance like many of us that have extended our careers as players and coaches in the GREATEST TEAM SPORT IN THE WORLD. You should also experience it in a different country and enjoy making friends around the world.

I am on Europlayers. I hope this article helps you in your search for the ultimate experience. Give me a holler if you see me online. I am here to help.

A BIG THANKS to Europlayers because without this website some of us would not have this opportunity. Well that is it. The World Is Waiting. Have fun and good luck in your search.

Author: Tony Simmons
Posted by Aaron Appleby 2 years ago
Thanks big brother!
Posted by Aaron Appleby 2 years ago
Thanks big brother!
Posted by Timothy Crenshaw 3 years ago
Thanks Tony, Your letter is so inspiring. Wish you the best of luck man.
Posted by Theodore Lisoski 5 years ago
Very excellent read, I am going to take all of this to heart and plan accordingly.
Posted by Obiora Amadi 7 years ago
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Posted by Obiora Amadi 7 years ago
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Posted by Obiora Amadi 7 years ago
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