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George Contreras Coach Spain 2025
Malcolm Gasque Player Germany 2025
Felix Ntwa Player Finland 2024
Oskar Franke Player Germany 2024
Sandro Moreira Player Spain 2024
Oskar Franke Player Spain 2024
Augie Stevens Coach Germany 2024
Spencer Moore Player Germany 2024
Malik Stanley Player Germany 2024
Ja'Quentyn Jenkins Player Brazil 2024
Peter Vincent Player Germany 2024
Ahmad Butler Player United States 2024
Alex James Conyers Player United Kingdom 2024
Tyrrell Bovelle Player Germany 2024
Luke Samuel Player Australia 2024

May 2013 - Lucas Cox

I just wanted to say that what this site does is amazing. No other time in my life would I have had the opportunity to travel and play the game I love. I wanted to say thank you and show my appreciation for what this organization does.

Apr 2013 - Shane Sabine

I give your organization a lot of credit for providing the opportunity both to continue playing football and to come experience Europe for myself.

Aug 2012 - Ross Asaro

My name is Ross Asaro and I just finished my season with the Freiburg Sacristans in Germany. I wanted to say thanks so much for the opportunity to play football overseas. I will never forget this experience and it was only possible through Europlayers. I'm sure everyone that is a part of your website truly appreciates what you've done.
Thanks again.

Jul 2012 - JJ Mraovic

I have signed with the Belgrade Blue Dragons of the Serbian Super-league Division 1 Europe for the 2013 Season as there Starting Quarterback and my contract starts February 1st.
Thank you so much to the entire Europlayers team for providing such a wonderful and easy service to athletes like myself. This site truly allows you to interact with teams all over Europe and North America, and is an amazing tool for everyone, I admire what has done in its efforts to provide this service for all.

May 2012 - Scott Doherty

I like the site a lot and it is very easy to use. I recently signed with the Burghausen Crusaders, Germany.
Thanks so much for your help.

May 2012 - Shane Stahl

Thank you for your services! I signed up for Europlayers in November of 2011 and signed with a team in Serbia in April of 2012. I have memories and experiences that would not have been possible without this site!!
Thanks again.

February 2012 - Haakon Rønning

I have gotten an offer to start at a university in Scotland and play for them! It is a dream that came true and it is all because of your site so thank you!!
Haakon Rønning

February 2012 - Ryan Archie

Thanks for everything Europlayers! You guys are a blessing to all of us players and coaches. I recently signed with the Sipoo Bulldogs of Finland.
Thanks again.
Ryan Archie

January 2012 - Christian Anderson

I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for europlayers and the ability for it to put players in touch with coaches and give them a place to showcase their talents and get the opportunities other players pay crazy amounts of cash for.
Europlayers has given me great opportunities and because of it I was able to sign with the Abilene Ruff Riders of the LSFL for the 2012 season and I am thankful for the opportunities Europlayers has provided.
Christian Anderson

January 2012 - Pat Carey

First of all, I just wanted to thank you for providing this great service to football players looking to continue their career. I have made many contacts through your site and really made the most of all Europlayers has to offer.
Earlier today, I signed with the Munich Cowboys of the GFL to be their quarterback for the 2012 season. Thanks again for providing this great service.
Take care,
Pat Carey

January 2012 - Eric Tilson

I have just commited to play for the Paderbon Dolphins. This site has been a great help, look forward to the opportunity. I will forward this site to former teammates interested in furthering their playing career.
Thanks to you and the staff of EuroPlayers!

January 2012 - Alberto Gallina

Thanks Europlayers. I've signed a contract with the Catania Elephants for this new season (2012)!
Thanks again, your site is great!
Alberto Gallina LB Elephants Catania

December 2011 - David Akins

I just wanted to let Europlayers know that on Wednesday December 14th, 2011 I signed my first pro contract with the Kraljevo Royal Crowns football team from Kraljevo,Serbia.

December 2011 - Diamond Weaver

I just want to take this time to thank you. It has been a great resource throughout this whole process of figuring out which European team would be the best fit for me. Through Europlayers I was able to compare my offer with other teams to make sure I was getting a nice deal. It also enables me to connect with veteran players who have already played in Europe like Kendral Ellison who gave me advice about his obstacles he faced first time overseas.

My dreams of playing after college were almost cut short due to the NFL lockout. Towards the end of the 2010 college football season numerous scouting services projected me as a later round draft pick or free agent sign. With the talks of a lockout and graduating from college early with one more year of eligibility left I decided to play my last season with the Lumberjacks at Division II Humboldt State University in California. We had a great season with a 9-1 record while capturing the schools first Great Northwest Athletic Conference Title. I finished as one of the top return specialist in all of DII football. This gave me more time to figure out my plans after college.

Humboldt State has a tradition of their athletes going overseas to play Basketball and Football. Talking to alumni who played like Dustin Creager and Joey Stein who currently plays it sparked my interest in pursuing a career in Europe over a career in the States. They influenced me to check out the Europlayers website and the rest is history.

I am checking my Europlayers page more than my Facebook, the best feature of Europlayers is the "Who saw my profile". This enables me to know who has been checking out my profile so I can reconnect with them once I get back online.

I would recommend that any football player with ambition of seeing the world while continuing your career register with Europlayers. You will be amazed at the opportunities out there.

December 2011 - Drew Hill

I just signed with the Lubeck Cougars of the GFL2 about a week ago. You obviously run a high quality company if you are willing to go out of your way to email me and offer aid in my search for a team.
Best Regards,

December 2011 - Kimmo Pasanen

I signed with Jyväskylän Jaguaarit for 2012, and also I might sign with Badalona Dracs for spring 2012. Just to let you guys know, and thanks a lot, the website has been priceless help to me.
Kimmo Pasanen

November 2011 - Belgrade Vukovi

Hi, just wanted to inform you that we have signed QB Lance Kriesien and we will bring back Brandon McDowell (his fourth year here). Both were found through this site.
Thank you very much again.

Goran Nisavic

October 2011 - Jonathan Dally

I am very satisfied with Europlayers. I have heard of the website and have told all of my former teammates about it. There are now about 10 of my old teammates with a profile on Europlayers. I played overseas last year and I didn't use Europlayers, so my options were limited to word-of-mouth. This year I created a profile and I have a handful of options, I already know I am going to find the perfect team this year, thanks especially to Europlayers.

October 2011 - Zach Bloemen

I am really enjoying this site. I'm addicted!

I'm not sure how I found my way to this site. I was on google looking for tryouts and combines and by clicking links that led to other links I found my way. It was meant to be!

After using this site and checking out several profiles I know I am and underdawg because I did not play college football. However I have been getting good feedback from players on Europlayers and have learned that other guys that lacked college and Pro experience have developed impressive resumes and it is possible.

Thank to Europlayers I am getting the exposure I need. I have already been invited to an open tryout with an Arena team.

I have told several of my friends, family and co players/ coaches about this site.

This site is wonderful and I believe can make an impact for any athlete, coach, team , agent. I will continue to use Europlayers and continue to promote it to others.

Thank you

Zach Bloemen

September 2011 - Jordan Marshall

You guys have a great system going on and it is helping a lot of athletes get exposure to place and organization they might not have the opportunity to receive for whatever reason.

Jordan Marshall

September 2011 - Ric Hennessy

Thank you again Europlayers. Your website is a fantastic resource for players and coaches alike. Thanks for helping me to sign with the Wolverines to win the Maple Bowl.

August 2011 - Elijah Freeman

This site is amazing. Only known about it for about a week, and have offers from a few teams. I'm definitely spreading the word to some athletes I think can benefit from this great website. Thanks.

June 2011 - Todd Hendricks

Thanks again as a player/coach your site is great way to communicate with prospective teams. I am currently enjoying working with the Terni Steelers in Italy.

May 2011 - Rocky Klever

I was hired as the "master coach" for the Bochum Cadets American Football club. l came to Bochum, Germany the lst of March and I am thoroughly enjoying myself in Germany. We have U14, U15, U16, U19 and Senior teams with the hopes of adding at least a U12 team. We have only lost 1 game with all the teams and the coaches and players are quite happy with the turn around.
Victor "Rocky" Klever

May 2011 - Matt Shepherd

My name is Matt Shepherd and i am from Monmouth College in Illinois. Just wanted to inform you guys that i have recently signed with the Kouvola Indians from Finland! Site is great!

February 2011 - Ben Jones

I signed with the Bielawa Owls in Poland.
Just wanted to let you know once again I appreciate this site.

February 2011 - The Kraljevo Royal Crowns

The Kraljevo Royal Crowns team in Serbia would like to thank you for finding us two new players from USA, for the upcoming season 2011: WR/RB/DB Jeremy Brown and DE/LB/FB Marcus Wyche.
Your site is great, you guys connect people.

Srdjan Cosic, president
Football Club "Kraljevo Royal Crowns"

January 2011 - Jack Scanlon

Hey Guys,
Yesterday I signed a contract to play QB for Kirchdorf of the GFL2.
I wanted to inform you, as well as thank you for this website, without it I wouldn't have known how to go about getting in contact with any teams in Europe.
Thank you!

December 2010 - Sergio Villasenor

Just wanted to thank you again for all the help that Europlayers has provided me in the last year and a half. I had the opportunity to play for the Badalona Dracs, and then quite possibly one of the greatest teams of all time in Europe in the Bergamo Lions. I am now signed to start arena in Pennsylvania this February.
Europlayers helped me get my career on track. Thank you!

December 2010 - Andrei Antonescu

Great site, found a lot of people interested in our team. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work.

November 2010 - Jesse Flynn

This site is great. I've already got contacted by one team after just one week.

November 2010 - Don Craig

Thanks to I get to follow one of my dreams now and play ball overseas.
Thanks again to you

Don Craig

November 2010 - Jimmy Anderson

I have to thank you again. I'm not sure you realise the scope of what you are doing with Europlayers. You are making people's dreams come true. Seriously. Not only the players you help, but the families of those players. For me personally it has helped my mother deal with severe illness just knowing that I am living a dream...and I'm pretty sure there's not a person my grandparents meet that they don't talk to about me! It's more than just playing football in a different country to most of us.

I am now narrowing down the offers for my 4th year playing in Europe- I wouldn't have the first clue how to go about playing in Europe were it not for Europlayers.

Thanks again!

Jimmy Anderson

October 2010 - Mike Tackett

Coming from a small school, I knew I was gonna need some help. Luckily, the Berlin Adler gave me an opportunity.

Thanks Europlayers!!!!

October 2010 - Lance Brown

As a Professional Arena Football Head Coach & Director of Football Operations, has been a major part of my recruiting for the last 3 years. And I've signed more than 40 quality players from here.

During the upcoming 2011 season, more than half of my team will be from The talent level is like none other here. You get players fron Division 1 BCS Schools to Juco and Top European Football Players. It's a great tool for players to find teams abroad or even to stay in the states to extend their playing careers.

Also I would like to say that I was a player when I discoverd back in 2004. Any player or team that doesn't use the website to find teams or players is really missing out.

Thank you for the great help.

Lance Brown
Head Coach
Director of Football Operations
Eastern Kentucky Drillers

July 2010 - Todd Hendricks

Great tool for players and coach as well as teams.

I have been playing and coaching in Europe since 1993 and this site has made it easier to communicate with teams. Played and coached for Thun Tigers in Swiss league in 2010.

Thank you Europlayers.

Todd Hendricks

April 2010 - John Harper


Great website!!!! 650 American football teams able to communicate with players on a!!!

I would like to say what a great website europlayers is! I've been involved in football in Europe since 1987, and would like to say how incredible it is to be able to go online, and be able to have profiles of players or teams or what is needed in 5 minutes. Used to be teams finding players took months and was incredibly expensive,... not to mention, as I would imagine for players.... who, if were not recruited directly for a team, had no knowledge of how to begin.

I imagine players back then who were looking to play, and yet were not recruited directly, and looking for their opportunities ended up spending hundreds of dollars... just on calling or to get information alone... or perhaps to just speak with someone who makes decisions( if they spoke their language).

Now it is possible for them to get looked at, in any incredible way for nothing...great deal!!!!!!! Teams have the same thing as they can see profiles, videos, and get everything they need for a particular interest....QUICKLY. HOW SOME PEOPLE ARE SPOILED, AS NOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET SOMETHING AT A STROKE OF A KEYBOARD. IN ADDITION, with europlayers, teams do not have to pay a agent or something like that, etc,, and yet can get immediate access to players.

Keep it up Europlayers!


John D. Harper

April 2010 - Roland Ertl

I wanna just say thank you. My team got two of the finest QBs ever played in Germany. Adam Hazel and Jimmy Robertson. A great site for players, coaches and teams to fit the right spot.
Coach Roland Ertl
Plattling Black Hawks

March 2010 - Damilola Alaran

Football was always a passion of mine, and constantlty trying to make it to the next level was always in my head. Europlayers made it possible to connect with players and coaches within Europe, and also making life long acquaintances. Now I have signed with the Seinajoki Crocodiles and I owe it all to the Europlayers website!
This is a great site with enormous amount of information and I can only say thank you.

March 2010 - Todd Klugh

Until I found Europlayers I spent hours surfing the web trying to find information on the hundreds of American Football teams in Europe. With this website, Roger and Anthony have put endless amounts of information all here for us to use!
Less than 2 months after signing up on europlayers I signed a contract with the Seinajoki Crocodiles and have had several offers since. I have met many great coaches and players on this site. My wife and I look forward to the many adventures that europlayers have created for us.
Many thanks to europlayers!!

Coach Todd Klugh
Seinajoki Crocodiles

March 2010 - Kevin Hicks

I'd like to thank europlayers for the information and connections they have given me so that I was able to become a coach in Europe. I am a Head coach for Crotone, Italy. They are a 3rd Division team. My experience since I have been here has been life changing. The culture,people and the way they treat me is wonderful. In ever thought in my wildest dream that I would be traveling in Italy.Thank You!!!
Coach Kevin Hicks(GO ACHEI)

March 2010 - Richard Bonds

I would like to say that it has been a privilege for me to be a member of Europlayers. I have received numerous amounts of referrals and networking connections. Through Europlayers I have been privileged to visit 8 different European countries including New Zealand. I have been able to coach the Danish National team, which would never happen for me in the United States, and make friends around the world. This is something that I look back on, and think that would this ever be available if I were not involved with this sport and if I did not have the resources available to me from Europlayers.
This is the web site for serious football players and I suggest if you want to continue your career as a football player, take advantage the site

Richard Bonds
Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
Lubeck Cougars AFC
Lubeck, Germany

March 2010 - Richard Evans

This service was really helpful. I was able to put myself out there and get exposed to teams across Europe. In the end I ended up getting a couple of offers and finally choses a team and I am glad I am with them.

February 2010 - Marius Klostermann

Thank you very much for your service. Just signed with the Calanda Broncos. And got a lot of other interesting offers from all over Europe! Thank you very much!

February 2010 - Sergio Villasenor

Even though it is my first year in Europe, Badalona Dracs, I would like to thank you for allowing players like myself to use this website to communicate with teams abroad. Europlayers has provided me the opportunity to play abroad in Spain and really live a once in a lifetime opportunity. While the season is still young, the culture, team, and atmosphere here is truly life changing.
Thank you Europlayers for giving my football skills a chance to show case on an international level and more importantly expand my mind with a new culture and environment.

February 2010 - Demetrius Eaton

Wow...where do I start. I was first introduced to Europlayers near the end of my first season paying in Europe when I was playing for the Nice Dauphins in France. After the season I posted a profile and from there I went on to play in Finland and currently I'm playing for the Badalona Dracs 2010. All this is accredited to hard work both on and off the field and of course Europlayers.
Thanks for providing a medium where athletes can come and explore playing opportunities in Europe. Europlayers has been real good to me. Be on the look out for me playing in the Euro Bowl this year. Scared? You should be!
Thanks Europlayers!

February 2010 - Dominic Kegel

Europlayers has been a fantastic tool for me to get connected. I played last year with the Basel, Gladiators of Switzerland and we won the B National Championship. Without europlayers it wouldn't have happened. They have helped me build a resume and develop a skill set that has allowed me to workout with 3 different CFL teams and gain interest from some scouts. You have nothing to lose, sign up, pray, work hard and don't be afraid to put yourself out there.
Everyone has something they can offer a team. Europlayers will help you find the right fit.

January 2010 - Ryan Lockard

In college I knew that I wanted to play football overseas after I was done with my collegiate career. Europlayers has made this possible.
I played in France last year and will be traveling to Denmark to play this season. It has allowed me to experience different cultures and ways of life, while also playing the game I love.
Thank you Europlayers.

January 2010 - Ben Jones

Hello, My name is Ben Jones. I am from Waco, Texas when i was in High school i was a 1st team all state Defensive lineman with 147 tackles and 9 sacks! I was recruited by a couple of big schools but because of my position misplacement in high school, i did not have many huge schools scouting me. Ultimately, I decided to go play College Football in North Dakota. There my head football coach recognized that i was playing the wrong positions to best utilize my speed and passion, so he converted me to a Linebacker, but after my first game as a true freshman vs South Dakota Tech with 14 tackles i got moved to running back, where i excelled tremendously.
As a runningback i was named Upper Midwest Athletic Conference(UMAC) All conference! I LOVE football with all that is in me, and thanks to Europlayers within the first month i posted my profile i was signed with an extremely competitive team in the highest level of football in Finland, where i stood out as a impact player!
Now thanks to Europlayers, for the 2010 season i am talking to lots of teams all over Europe and am confident that i will sign soon.
Thank you Europlayers
Ben Jones #25

October 2009 - Joey Stein

My name is Joey Stein. I have played for two seasons in Europe since finishing my NCAA career and I wanted to thank Europlayers for giving me the amazing opportunity to enjoy a thrilling, adventurous life in two of Europe's best countries and cities of Barcelona and Vienna. God has blessed me with this chance and the door was opened by you guys paving the way to make us players avaliable to the European football markets.
Thank you and God Bless,

October 2009 - Lonnie Hursey

Thanks for your Europlayers web site. Because of Europlayers I have been able to coach four seasons in Europe, one in Spain, two in Norway, and one in Sweden. I would never have been able to explore Europe or even knew it was possible and do what I love most until I was told about the site by a couple of Danish friends who coach football there.
Thanks again.

October 2009 - Greg Hough

I graduated from college in December and was not ready to give up playing football. I knew the NFL and Arena Leagues were long shots, but I loved the game and wanted to continue playing. One day, one of our graduate assistants told me about his experience playing American football in Europe. He told me having would greatly increase my odds of playing football again. I made a profile and in less than two months I got picked up by a European team! I had a great time playing football in Europe. I also met a lot of wonderful people and have memories that will last a lifetime.

September 2009 - Manuel Diaz

In November of 2008, I left a Management position with a large bank in the US because I missed playing football. I created my Europlayers profile in December of 2008, and by February 15th, I was in Italy playing for a great program in Reggio Emilia.
I have so many great memories and stories that will last a lifetime. Not only did I get to play football again, but I also got to coach the young kids as well. I traveled through Northern Italy, Southern Italy, South of France, Serbia, Poland and more. It was amazing!
I am looking forward to seeing more of the world and I know my Europlayers profile gives me a chance to do that. Thanks.

September 2009 - Steve Cheek

Hello I recently received an offer to coach for the Aix En Provence Argonauts in southern France and am very excited to get started. Thank you for helping to make it happen!

July 2009 - Bob van der Meij

Europlayers helped me to chase my dream and play football in foreign countries. This year I signed with the Calanda Broncos and the experience has been more then I could ever wish for. The upcomming 25th of July we will be playing for the national championship in the so called Swissbowl, a crown on all the hard work.
This all had never happened to me without Europlayers!

June 2009 - Sea City Storm

Hello The Sea City Storm team in Finland would like to thank you for finding us a great Coach Roldan Leyba, RB Joshua Kerley and DB/WR Jeremy Kochberg. This site is great to find players of every country in the world. Still looking for 2 more and I'm sure that in Europlayers we can find them.
Thanks again!!!!
Jarkko Veijola SCS GM

June 2009 - John Lysinger

I thought I was done playing. I made a profile on Europlayers and a few months later I'm out here in Germany playing and coaching.

May 2009 - Tony Stallings

Well my success story is a little different, but I believe that is still testifies to how valuable Europlayers is and will continue to be for anyone looking to continue to play football at a high level.
I played for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL in Canada. After an unexpected release from the team, I was left with no place to play. NFL and CFL rosters were full. A friend of mine that I played with in the CFL knew a coach that was the head man for the Bergamo Lions of Italy. He had him call me, and a few months later after working everything out I ended up in Bergamo.
5 months later in 2008, I found myself with a IFL Superbowl Championship, 1501 yards rushing and the team naming me the MVP. I played in many different countries, as it was like playing in a band that goes on tour ;0) except your playing football (France, Germany, Cicily, Spain and more). It was a wonderful experience.
So for everyone joining Europlayers, they will be like my friend was for me--the means to connect you to a team in Europe that may possibly help you have the same great experiences that I did. That's why I now have a profile set up on Europlayers, so that if I cant return to the CFL/NFL, then I know Europlayers will definitely help me get recognized and get back to Europe.
God Bless all of you, and your dreams to play. Never Stop Believing!
-Tony Stallings
2008 IFL Superbowl Champion Running Back

May 2009 - Laurence Subelka

Laurence “Larry” Subelka is keeping lifelong dreams of a potential pro sports career alive with an opportunity to take part in a fledgling football league. In December, Subelka got connected with an agent in Florida and started shopping himself around on Europlayers in hopes of maybe catching on in a European league.
Read more

April 2009 - Rocky Ciasulli

After my senior year of college, there was no doubt in my mind that I still had some football left in me, but I wasn't good enough for the NFL. I didn't know where to start looking for a place to play. A former teammate told me about Europlayers, and the rest is history. I played for the Jyvaskyla Jaguars of Finland last year, and I'm currently playing for the Ancona Dolphins of Italy. None of this ever would have been possible without the connections, acquaintances, and friendships I have made through Europlayers!

March 2009 - G.C. McCoy

I had been on Europlayers for just a few months. I finished playing with the Tyreso Royal Crowns in Sweden. I came back to the states and wanted to play some more, I signed up and a few short months and e-mails later I was signed by the Esbjerg Hurricanes in Denmark. Europlayers was an easy way for to get in contact with Esbjerg and other teams. I don't think I could have done it on my own.

January 2009 - Dustin McDonald

Previously, I had used another website that cost money and produced little results. But after I signed up on Europlayers I was contacted by a team, signed a contract, and was flown to Europe. Playing in Europe as a professional athlete is a great and unique experience that not many people can say they've had.

January 2009 - Brandon McDowell

I have used Europlayers for about two years now, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have travelled to Austria and this year I will be travelling to Serbia.

November 2008 - Todd Hendricks

Your site is very helpful to players and teams. I have been playing/coaching professionally in Europe for a several years and your site makes for easier communication with teams. Signed for 2009 in the Swiss League.
Thank you Europlayers.

November 2008 - Mike Brennan

I was one of the first players to register on Europlayers. I have to say that it has given me the opportunity to play in many countries that one can only dream of. I have learned many languages and improved the quality of American Football wherever I played. The experience on my profile speaks for itself.
Thank you Europlayers.

November 2008 - Adrian Lena

I would like to thank EUROPLAYERS, you guys have a great website. Your website was very useful to me. It gave me great knowledge on leagues, teams, players, and agents that was so useful to me. More importantly it put me in the right hands of the right people that eventually made me sign with the PEORIA PIRATES-AF2 on 11/10/08.

November 2008 - James Abrams

I am currently signed with an Indoor Team here in the states. I just wanted to say thank you, because your site gave teams easier access to me.

October 2008 - Antoine Rutherford

I want to thank europlayers for giving so many players like myself a chance to play football overseas. I will be playing in France. Thank you again europlayers!

October 2008 - Mike Washington

Just wanna thank everyone at for creating this site in which players like myself can search for teams,agents,or for some even coaching jobs.and try to continue there dream of playing football or coaching such a wonderful sport. I actually am using the site right now to find me an agent. I played 3 seasons in germany and the last two in the CFL until now. so thanks for all that u stand for and your help in continuing so many mens dreams.
Thanks, Mike

September 2008 - Dominic Lane

Thanks to Europlayers I was contacted and signed by the Esbjerg Hurricanes in 2007 as a Defensive Back in Esbjerg, Denmark which is a nice city with good people and some of the best teamates I have ever played with. This organization is family owned and has a board that gets involved and cares about its players also great facilities to workout and train and their own practice field. I appreciate the entire Esbjerg Hurricane staff for having me and I wish the best of luck to this team.

August 2008 - Joseph Streany

I was contacted by the Triangle Razorbacks in early February and was asked to come over to play with the 2 time defending champs here in Denmark.
My experience has been awesome 6 games into the season. We are 6-0, and I have been averaging about 14-15 tackles a game at outside linebacker and have blocked a few times in short yardage for touchdowns and first downs at full back.
The team is full of a group of guys who share my deep affection for the game and will do anything required to win come game day. That is a very comforting feeling being in a foreign country and meeting a new team. They have been very accommodating and got me nearly everything I could have needed and are extremely responsive to all of my concerns. Most of all they are a nice group of guys, personable and fun thus making my experience over here excellent! Any questions or concerns please contact me.

July 2008 - Brian Amaral

I found out about from a team mate back in the USA, Greg Jones, who signed to the Carinthian Black Lions of the Austrian football league. I was very eager to play in Europe and within 3 days of creating my profile I was contacted by numerous teams. Once I got my highlight film loaded within the first week, I had been signed by the Saarland Hurricanes of the German football league, and was with the team in Germany about 2 weeks after first creating my profile. I just wish I knew about this site years ago!!!! Thanks Europlayers for giving us the chance to make solid contacts overseas.

June 2008 - Daniel Sjöholm

I was looking for a team outside Sweden, then i got in contact with the wernigerode mountain tigers.. and i love it here.. Thank you Europlayers! btw germany rules..

June 2008 - Emmett Hunter

I want to thank europlayers for giving me the opportunity to play again! I received offers from about six different teams and I decided to play for a team in Germany!

May 2008 - Carl Embry

I just had the privilege to travel with my team, Adrian College Bulldogs and play the Lazio Marines through a company named Global Football. This was my second trip to Europe. I have also been to Ireland where we played and Irish all-star team. I have realized this in my two trips to Europe, I love it! The thing I love is the eagerness and the passion that these players have for our great game. They are truly pioneers for our sport in Europe. The opportunity to coach these athletes would be indescribable in words.
I want to thank for providing this opportunity.

April 2008 - Toby Atawo

I would really like to thank for giving me an opportunity to find a team to play for. The website was my way to contact and establish connections with players agents and coaches. I hope others get a chance to find themselves on a roster too.

February 2008 - Kenneth Flanders

I had been searching for a way to get into contact with teams in Europe for almost 3 months. I tried using many different sites and contacting the teams directly but I was unable to find a site that was written in English. An American Coach told me about Europlayers and within a week of being signed up I made contact with, and sent game film to, 7 different teams. Europlayers is great and I will continue using it to help my chances of getting picked up in Europe.

February 2008 - Christopher Katzmark

Coach Worsell was able to set me up with a few teams, but I also used to market myself. A lot of teams are on this website and they’re able to see your information. You can post your resume, your stats, highlight tapes, etc. I was able to use this tool to market myself and several teams were looking at me because of that. [...] Katzmark graduated from Millikin in December 2007 with a degree in Exercise Science & Sport. He is one of 25 Millikin players to sign professional contracts in either the NFL or Europe. Read More

February 2008 - Craig McIntyre

McIntyre learned of a website,, after talking with his former Eagle teammate Javid Shoemaker, who was playing in Sweden. Within the span of a little more than a day, McIntyre finished classes at EWU, flew to Milan and was playing football in Parma, Italy. "It was pretty amazing to be in Cheney and then playing in a game there 24 hours later," where his debut included three touchdowns and 100 receiving yards.
It was in Parma, a city of 160,000 he met Grisham, who was finishing work on his latest novel, "Playing for Pizza." The book was released Sept. 25, and is about an American football star who could no longer get work in the National Football League. Read More

February 2008 - Ancona Dolphins

After viewing the profile of our team on Europlayers, Bobby Kootstra (a player from Canada) contacted us. After a couple of phone calls and e-mails we decided to make him an offer for the upcoming season.
Gianluigi Luchena, H.Coach Ancona Dolphins (Italy)

December 2007 - Triangle Razorbacks

Yoan Schnee was playing for Triangle Razorbacks in the fall 2007, and it was a great success having a former NFL Europe player on the team. He taught our players a lot of valuable things, and was at the same time the greatest leader on and off the field. Triangle Razorbacks won the championship in front of a big crowd 6th October 2007, and Yoan was definitely one of the big reasons for that. Simply the best defensively player in Denmark ever.

November 2007 - Toby Henry

Europlayers had such an impact on my life, I can't even explain it. This site gave me the opportunity to travel the world while doing the thing I love to do most, play football. Thank you Europlayers!

November 2007 - Nolan Fisher

I got onto this site and within 24 hours i had an agent and was signed to play some arena ball when i thought my career was done....Thanks Again Europlayers.

November 2007 - Jeremy Clements

NFL quality talent exists everywhere and they don't have to be ex-NFL players, and thanks to this website many teams in Europe are starting to understand this. This site can help give great athletes unique opportunities they would otherwise not have here in America. After playing four successful seasons in Germany and Italy, I have received many offers from teams all over Europe thanks to Europlayers. Thanks, Jeremy Clements.

October 2007 - Mohammed Mortazavi is the bom! I had been out of college football since UC Davis in 2003 and in the middle of my 3rd year of medical school. Somehow I got the opportunity to come out and play in the AFL in 2007 while doing research. We made history with the EFAF finals, what a gift, what a blast! So GM's...dont sleep on the sleepers.

September 2007 - David Corbitt

I originally signed up for Europlayers, because a coach told me I should do so. And honestly, I'm really glad I did. It really cuts the middle man out, so that I can market myself to the teams that need players of my nature. And I really think and know that Europlayers helped me to get where I am at the moment. I'm in Germany playing with Luebeck Cougars.

March 2007 - Sea City Storm

Hello The Sea City Storm team in Finland would like to thank you for finding us a great Coach Roldan Leyba, RB Joshua Kerley and DB/WR Jeremy Kochberg. This site is great to find players of every country in the world. Still looking for 2 more and I'm sure that in Europlayers we can find them. Thanks again!!!! Jarkko Veijola SCS GM

March 2007 - Deric Demyanick

With the great help of Europlayers I will be making my fourth trip to Europe in May. This site does an excellent job with updates and its a great source for contacting teams, players, and coaches. Thank you Europlayers!

March 2007 - Brandon Despotakis

My twin brother Justin and I spent last season playing in the BAFL in England for the Southern Sundevils. It was the greatest football experience of our lives. We played for a American coach who believed in us and who gave us the opportunity to play for his team. I caught 55 passes during the season one for 92 yards and my brother threw for over 2500 yards and 22 touchdowns during the season. We helped the Sundevils get to the semi finals of the highest league in England. We wish Jim Roberson the best this season and we only wish we could be there with him again.

February 2007 - Ric Hennessy

After a great 1st season in Germany, i'm now off to the US to play in the AF2. Thanks once again to europlayers for helping me to market myself and get me this far.

February 2007 - Terrance Hall

I like to thank Europlayers for building this program to help us young athlete to reach our goals in life. I lost a full scholarship to Virginia State University in a car accident which i dislocate my hip and ankle. I couldnt walk for 8 months but after a year i got right back into playing football and it started when i play semi-pro. And thats how i got here today and thats why im on another level. And I Thank you Europlayers i should keep in touch.

January 2007 - LaQuonne Holden

I want to say thank you to all who is a part of the Europlayers website staff. With so many leagues and players vying to get roster spots, makes it easy to market yourself to teams, coaches, players, agents, etc. It is the closest thing to an avenue to get a foot in the door with a team to seize an opportunity when normally, there may not have been one. Thank you Europlayers, with GOD enabling me to find this site through searching for ways to achieve my dream, I am officially a member of the Berlin Adler (GFL 1st League) for the 2007 season. Its time to fly high! Thanks Europlayers!

January 2007 - Jason Gondringer

Hey I just want to say thanks to
I got a lot of interest and offers from teams, but in the end I decided to sign again with The Vikings of the German Football League (GFL) who I played for last season. If it wasn't for The Vikings would have never found me. So I just want to thank you very much. is the best site out there. This site works so I thank everybody that works at Europlayers. This site is for real.
Keep up the good work! Thanks Jason.

January 2007 - Steve Dickinson

A big ten four regarding your website. It is a great tool for someone like me who was looking for an opportunity in Europe. For that matter, I think I could have landed a job in the States in an arena league by using your site. I used it daily for the last six weeks. How come it didn't come up when I did a search of american football in europe on google? Luckily for me, I was contacting the teams in Europe individually and one of the representatives recommended accessing your site.
Anyway, I wish I had known about it earlier than I did. I will be a consistent user of your site in the future.

January 2007 - Kyle Skierski really helped me market myself which allowed me to get picked up and extend my career. After trying to contact teams and local scouts in my area, I created a profile on europlayers, displayed pictures, personal info and film...and people finally started contacting me. This has led to me signing a contract with the Danube Dragons in the 1st league in Austria. This will be my 1st year playing and I can't wait.

December 2006 - Mike Stryker

I love this site!! Back in the old days (2000) I had to google teams and e-mail A LOT of teams trying to get a response. It worked but I was lucky. This site takes alot of the guesswork out.

November 2006 - Greg Kleidon

I first discovered this site 3 years ago after completing my final year at college, and trying to find a way to continue playing football as well as see the world has all been possible because of this site. I have played in Spain, Austria, and am now going on my second year playing for the Eidsvol 1814's. This site allows you to see how bad you want to fullfill your dreams, because it is you who is in charge of your networking and securing your fate. Three years ago it was only a goal to be playing and coaching full time and living abroad doing the work that i love best, and here in Norway I have found an organization that has given me the opportunity to accomplish that goal. Thank you to all the teams that use this site and all the players as well cause it is you who makes the progression of football in europe happen.

November 2006 - Gonzalo Segovia

I was cut from a CFL team but I wanted to continue playing. Thanks to this site I was able to find a team within two days. I signed with an Austrian team that won the championship in 2006. It was one of my most memorable seasons. I got to play in a league were football is still pure and I was able to travel. Thanks a lot. This web site is a great.

October 2006 - Mike Trott

I have found many great players on Europlayers and have been able to help them continue playing football professionally thanks to Europlayers!

August 2006 - Ric Hennessy

I was sat at home in England, wondering what to do with myself when i graduated, and i found Europlayers. I'm now in Germany playing for the Lübeck Cougars and loving every minute of it. Thank you for helping to push my football career further.

July 2006 - Steve Mansell

Very helpful website in helping an individual continue their football career in Europe. I finished University in 2005 and now I continue to play in the 2006 for Hamburg. It would have been much more difficult to get contact info without the use of this site. I'm now having a great time doing what I love to do in Germany.

June 2006 - Stephen Stokes

I was sitting at home thinking about giving up on the football dream. Thank goodness I had a profile on Europlayers!!! I am in Germany playing the sport I love. Life couldn't be better.

May 2006 - Kevin Jones

I signed up with Europlayers and in a couple of months I was contacted by the Frederikssund Oaks and now I am playing football in Denmark for the Oaks.

May 2006 - Jason Gondringer

Thanks for the site. I have signed to play for the Vikings of the German Football League (GFL); without Europlayers I wouldnt be going back to Germany. So thank you Very much for the Web site. Thanks Jason.

May 2006 - Donald Carpenter

Hello Everyone! If you believe in dreams that's true because they do come true. I will be leaving to go playing professional football in Germany (GFL) the one of the hardest leagues in Germany . I will be playing for the Dusseldorf Panthers one of the best teams in Germany.
Thank you Europlayers! My next step now is the NFL Europe.

Apr 2006 - Scotty Kirkpatrick

I registered on Europlayers in May of 04, and a few days later I received a call from the Seinajoki Crocodiles of Finland. A few weeks later I was in Seinajoki where I ended up playing and getting a bronze medal! I have received numerous contract offers since then!

Apr 2006 - The Danube Dragons in Austria.

I got my first coach coming over by the contact on Want to thank you for the service!

Feb 2006 - The Southern Sundevils in the United Kingdom.

As a team the Southern Sundevils has advertised on Europlayers for 2 years now. In 2005 we attracted a WR, QB & RB from the USA, and this year (2006) so far we have secured a QB, TE, & 2 Offensive Linemen. None of this would have been possible without Europlayers.

Feb 2006 - Nick Starcevic

Thanks for the site... It made it easy for me to post my attributes and resume and make it easy for teams to browse video and pictures of me... I have signed w/ the Seinajoki Crocodiles of Finland for the 2006 season...

Jan 2006 - Chris Phillips

Thank you for this site. Because of you I am able to continue my career as a football player. I have signed with Barcelona Pioners and none of this would have been possible without this site. I discovered it by accident and that was the best accident I ever made. Thanks again.

Jul 2005 - Josh Kerley

u can add one more to the runningbacks categorie.... i was signed late june..... Germany....... thanks for the access to the site...... i am taking care of buisness, and got another shot because of ur site... thanks

Jul 2005 - John Perrigo

Perrigo initially posted his football credentials on He then sent a tape of his game highlights to Finnish teams, and NAU defensive line coach Bill Smith put a good word in for him.
He got the call during Christmas break last year and signed a contract shortly thereafter. Read More

May 2005 - Mike Tromello

I just put my name on this website,, and I started getting a lot of contact from coaches over in Europe. My coach at (Occidental), Dale Wildolff, really went to bat for me, kind of acted like my agent, and before long I had two contract offers: one from Sweden and one from Italy. Read More

Apr 2005 - Joel Hernandez

After posting his profile on, Hernandez received a call from the Longhorns. He then sent the team a highlight film and the deal was sealed. Read More